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Prioritizing Info on Your Resume

Choosing what information to include in a resume is important, but an even more important consideration is the order. The most significant elements of your background need to go at the top of the resume. Unfortunately, many job seekers fail to prioritize information effectively. A resume I

KPI’s and Your Resume

KPI's are Key Performance Indicators. They are the metrics that drive the overall performance of an organization. KPI's are critical to a company's success and are an important element in your resume. If you don't discuss KPI's on your resume, you should.

No Clipart

One of my recruiters showed me a cover letter that they received that I have to share. The cover letter is from a successful manufacturing executive and illustrates how your professionalism and style can greatly impact the impression you make. The Cover Letter had a large font – a 14

Accomplishment Examples

I pulled four accomplishments from resumes I’ve received recently. Example 1:  Director of Real Estate Acquisitions Research and negotiate real estate acquisitions totaling approximately $#M per year. This accomplishment clear, concise and specific. The role of the job seeker is also clear. What’s missing is something that