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Cover Letter Advertisement

Cover Letter Advertisement

What if companies wrote ads the way most job seekers write cover letters? Here’s my version of a direct mail letter that you might receive from a car company:

Dear Car Buyer:

We are seeking an individual to buy a car we are selling. Our ideal customer will have good credit and be willing to pay top dollar. We strongly prefer customers that will provide repeat business to us. We are in need of boosting our revenues and are looking for an opportunity to grow our profits. I am certain you will find the car we are selling is ideal for fit for your needs.

This car is a true standout in market. It drives and provides an excellent means of transportation. In addition, it offers the ability to carry goods in various storage locations as wall as convey multiple individuals.

We are absolutely certain that, if you just give us a chance to prove our car in a test drive, you will agree this is the best car on the market for you. With it’s excellent track record, it is certain to make a substantial impact on your goals.

I look forward to setting up a test drive for you today!


Mega Car Dealer

If you received this, would you rush out to buy this car?  What make and model of car does the letter describe?

I receive cover letters like this all the time. They have no personalization. The benefits the job seeker might provide one of my clients are so general that they are meaningless. The letter focuses on the needs of the job seeker. Finally, too many cover letters make over exaggerated claims of being perfect for the company, but give no reason why they’re any good.

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