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Resume Writing

Our resume writing articles are organized into several categories.  The primary categories are Resume Writing and Resume Examples.  The Resume Writing category has articles addressing specific resume writing issues, and provide great advice to job seekers.  The Resume Examples articles were written with a specific resume in mind, and illustrate something about the resume.  Typically, the example articles will show a mistake in a resume and provide advice for correcting the mistake.

In addition to the two primary categories of resumes, we organized our resumes by industry for our featured industries:

We also have resume articles organized by topic:


We have built a large pool of articles on Interviewing.  We also have three specialized series:

Cover Letters

We have a variety of cover letter articles offering best practices and common mistakes.  Browse the Cover Letter archive, or check our Cover Letter Best Practices article.

Job Search

We put together a number of articles offering Job Search Advice.

Military Transition

Transitioning from military service into the civilian job market is a challenge.  We’ve worked to put together a variety of resources for former military personnel to make the transition easier.  Check out our articles on Military Resumes and Military Transition Advice.

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