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Objective Statements: Elements of a Good Objective

Objective Statements: Elements of a Good Objective

The key to a good objective is to write a statement that adds value to the hiring manager.  Too many objectives are just fluff – nothing specific and nothing of value.  If you are going to have an objective statement, describe the position you are seeking.  Failing to do this will only make a poor impression on the reader. 

In our 2008 Resume Benchmarking Survey, we found the average length of an Objective Statement was between one and two lines, with the majority limited to one sentence. Although it is important to provide a specific objective with sufficient detail, an objective should also be clear and concise. With many hiring managers spending less than a minute reviewing each resume, a lengthy paragraph in an objective statement section is unlikely to be read.

For resumes with Objective Statements, only 29% described the industries preferred by the job seeker and only 54% described the specific job being pursued. This led to only 14% of all objective statements describing both the job and industry being pursued.

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