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Resume Book on Amazon

Resume Book on Amazon

My book, Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers, is on Amazon.  We had a few problems with the initial setup of the book, but the publisher did a great job getting everything fixed.  You can now buy the book on Amazon:

Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers

This book is perfect for anyone in an operations careers, whether production, quality, logistics, transportation, maintenance, scheduling or engineering.  There are tons of examples, often showing both the typical resume content/formatting and then an improved version.  In addition, I show the resume writing process from start to finish.  I used a hypothetical Production Manager for my example.  It took six chapters to show how to write this example resume, with detailed instructions showing each improvement along the way.  There’s also a resume assessment checklist that you can use to review your resume.  It gives specific criteria and best practices for the assessment so you can look at your resume like a resume writing pro.

Amazon also has the Look Inside feature active, allowing you to check out the Table of Contents, first chapter and index.

Buy the Book:  Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers

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