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Military to Civilian Transition: 50 Objective Statements

Military to Civilian Transition: 50 Objective Statements

Yesterday, I listed 50 objectives from resumes of managers and executives.  Today, I have 50 more objectives, but all of these are from military officers transitioning into the civilian workforce.

For transitioning military officers, it’s improtant to have an objective statement.  Transitioning from the military is a significant career change.  Defining what type of position they are seeking is important.

  1. OBJECTIVE: Logistician / Analyst
  2. Objective: To be an asset to the company with my experience in the U.S. Army
  3. Objective: To obtain a position that will allow me to display my rapid adaptation and troubleshooting skills. My ideal position would allow me to make use of my talent for rapidly learning new systems and technology and integrating new, old, and international equipment to further my education and career. This position would let my ambition lead the way giving me open space to excel and move upwards to the best of my abilities.
  4. Objective: To acquire a professional position of the Customer Service focus to further develop myself as well as enhance an established work force.
  6. Objective: Obtain a position with an established company to utilize my experience, technical knowledge, and skills in administration, logistics, computer systems and software, office equipment, people, and organization that will contribute to efficient business operations.
  7. OBJECTIVE Seeking a position as Generator Technician where experience and motivational skills will enhance the company.
  8. CAREER OBJECTIVE: Recently retired active-duty service member seeking a position in the U.S. Government sector to include the Logistics, Transportation and Security industries that will certainly capitalize on my military training, leadership and management skills. Team oriented, well organized individual, with 20 years experience in the U.S. Army’s Transportation Logistics arena.
  9. OBJECTIVE: To obtain a management position with a progressive organization that will effectively utilize my acquired expertise and experience.
  10. OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position with an organization where I can maximize my multilayer of management skills, quality assurance, program development, training experience and administrative skills.
  11. Objective: A challenging position as an Administrative Office / Human Resources Manager
  12. OBJECTIVE: Corporate position which capitalizes on a 15-year career leading senior level financial operations and managing “turn around” operations supporting an organization’s new direction and strategy. Senior level experience managing financial transformation plans integrating program and project management initiatives, oversight of multi-million dollar budgets, and acquisitions. Extensive experience in multinational markets.
  13. Objective Seek a position in Administration Services or Human Resources.
  14. OBJECTIVE: Seeking an Information Technology position
  15. OBJECTIVE: A position as Logistics Analyst in an organization where an extensive knowledge in Acquisition and Logistics Management is utilized to ensure accurate logistics and customer support for the Warfighter.
  16. Objective: Information Technology Management
  17. OBJECTIVE: Seeking a career utilizing my management, leadership and instructional skills.
  18. OBJECTIVE: To secure a position that will provide a challenging and respectable career as well as room for advancement
  19. Objective: A Production/Distribution Supervisor position
  20. OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position as Program Manager.
  21. Objective: Senior Maintenance Supervisor
  22. OBJECTIVE: Desire a career in Project or Operational Management.
  23. OBJECTIVE: A position as a Network Switching Systems Technician/Installer with full range of responsibilities and possibilities for advancement.
  24. OBJECTIVE: A position as a Safety Manager/Director.
  25. OBJECTIVE: A POSITION IN SENIOR MANAGEMENT where I can leverage my experience in operations, Human Resources, security and intelligence.
  26. Objective: Seeking a position as a logistician
  27. OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging opportunity in Project/Facility Management, that will utilize my skills in overseeing total project development from start to finish, including maintaining quality and cost control.
  28. PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE: A challenging Director of Logistics or Supply Chain Management position utilizing leadership, coordination, operations, logistics and communication skills to improve team building and focus on customer service and profit margins for a company in the Government Infrastructure, Oil and Gas or Industrial supplies/products industry.
  29. Objective: To seek career opportunities and provide my knowledge and expertise in knowledge management and communications planning using my extensive skills to an innovative and adaptive detail and results oriented company.
  30. OBJECTIVE: Seeking an analytical position in management or administration that allows me to use and apply over 34 years of progressively responsible experience in both the Department of the Army and public education. Skills and experience include extensive knowledge of workforce (manpower) management, Army programming and budgeting, human resource management, training and development, and logistics.
  31. PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE: I am seeking to join a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals as a Senior Logistics Planner/ Manager/ Analyst/ Trainer/ Project Manager or Supply Chain Manager.
  32. OBJECTIVE: Full or part time position within the field of Loss Prevention/Security or investigations
  33. Objective: A Human Resources Opportunity where I can utilize my professional, technical and leadership skills in a company with a long-standing reputation for a great customer service and strong business partnerships.
  34. OBJECTIVE: To secure a position as a Manger with an established organization utilizing my technical knowledge in Human Resources and experience gained from 25 years as a Leader, Trainer and Manager with the army.
  35. OBJECTIVE: Work in a leadership position committed to customer service, developing employees, and achieving organization goals.
  36. Objective: To secure a Manufacturing Production Superintendent position where my past experience and educational experiences would be fully utilized in a career opportunity.
  37. Objective: Seeking a position within a company where I can contribute my efforts and use my acquired skills to complete a mission.
  38. PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE: A senior position involved in all aspects of managing and reporting in financial terms the results of an enterprise’s operations to its internal and external stakeholders or a senior position involved in all aspects of logistics/production.
  39. OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging management position with a dynamic company that will utilize my solid logistics, operations and program management background to the fullest capacity.
  40. OBJECTIVE: I would like a responsible management position in a challenging environment, which will utilize my expertise in aviation logistics in marketing and foreign military sales.
  41. Objective: To obtain a professional position where my experience, initiative, leadership and management Skills will be strongly utilized.
  42. OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging and rewarding position in Human Resource Management/Strategic Planning where my skills and experience will be utilized to enhance organizational goals.
  43. JOB OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging IT software development position to leverage and expand my full-life cycle technical leadership, team building and software development skills
  44. OBJECTIVE: To obtain an Administrative Services Manager or Security Management position in the Colorado Springs Area.
  45. OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging management position with a dynamic company that will utilize my solid logistics, operations and program management background to the fullest capacity.
  46. OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging and rewarding position in Human Resource Management/Strategic Planning where my skills and experience will be utilized to enhance organizational goals.
  47. Objective: A senior program management, operations or consultant position in a firm supporting homeland security or defense related enterprises.
  48. OBJECTIVE: Seeking Distribution/Operations/Logistics Manager’s position.
  49. OBJECTIVE: Senior management position using proven leadership, planning, and problem solving skills that will result in superior accomplishments and achieve organizational goals.
  50. Objective: Executive Management- seeking a senior position to draw on proven results-driven abilities in strategic planning, team building, or organizational needs assessment.

I’m intersted to hear your impression of the objective statements – do you plan on making any changes to the objective on your resume?  How would you assess the average objective – good/bad, effective/ineffective?

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