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Information on a Military Resume

In our Military Resume Benchmarking Report, we found military personnel frequently omitted key data from their resume. Every resume needs to include a few basic pieces of information. Without the education, job titles, employers, dates of employment and a description of each job, you don’t

Transitioning Military Resume Mistake

I did a number of resume assessments on Thursday for transitioning military personnel and ran into the same mistake several times.  The mistake each of the individuals made was to not state clearly what their employment was.  This may seem like an odd mistake, but it is

Military Transition Tips

This is a video of Mark Henderson discussing his military transition along with some tips based on what he’s learned since then.  He offers some great advice.  Mark is the President of Palladian International and co-founded Palladian with me in 2005.  Although the video is tailored to

Interview Assessment

In the recording I posted yesterday, you heard me ask a transitioning military office the ice breaker question that kicks off most interviews – "Tell me about yourself."  The answer included the officer’s military career in chronological order and concluded with some information about hobbies. Overall, this

Transitioning Military Officers: Interview Example

Recently, I conducted a practice interview a military officer preparing to transition into the civilian workforce. As with most interviews, the first question I asked was “Tell Me About Yourself.”  Many interviews start with this and it’s a question many job seekers find challenging.  Listen to this