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Sales Tips for a Job Seeker

A job search is a sales activity. You are selling yourself and trying to persuade a company to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for your time and effort. You need to present an advertising, marketing and sales material to get land an

Is Online Networking a Waste of Time?

There is a lot written about how networking online can propel your job search. Claims are made that social media can deliver a better job much faster than other job search techniques. Despite this, many job seekers are not using social media and online networking

Searching for Opportunities

There was a time when advertising jobs was expensive and extremely difficult to do. This led to the rule of thumb that 80% of jobs are unpublished and make up the “hidden job market.” The job market was never hidden. The logistics of advertising

Networking to Find a Job

Networking is the most effective job search technique. All other techniques will take more time and have a lower success rate. Unfortunately, many job seekers fail to use their network.

Emphasize Cost Cutting Experience

Many companies have increased the emphasis on cost cutting with the economy declining. Lower sales makes it much more difficult to remain profitable. For some companies, cutting expenses is necessary to stay in business.

Inbound Marketing for a Job Search

I ran into a great article about Inbound Marketing for a job search. Inbound Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on allowing customers to find you. Most marketing is outbound in nature. Post ads, cold call, send direct mail are all outbound