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Finding a New Career

In every recession, some companies and industries decline, never to come back. As painful as this process is, it is a natural component of our economy. Periodically, we clean house and get rid of companies who are not competitive. For the employees of these

Sharpening the Saw

I spent several days last week in a training class. Professional development is important if you want to improve in your career. In today’s economy, it is even more critical. Unemployment continues to increase and job seekers continue to become more frustrated with the

Supply Chain Risk Reduction

As you write your resume and prepare to interview, you will want show how you contributed to your past employers. Focusing on ways you have cut costs is a good start. Reducing lead times and improving quality are also good to emphasize. These are

Information as a Strategic Asset

I had the opportunity to listen to a couple consultants from IBM at the APICS Conference in Toronto. They discussed ways to capture information and make it easier for decision makers to use. The overriding theme of the presentation was transforming a mass of data

APICS Conference

I’m back from the APICS Conference in Toronto. The event was extremely valuable. If you are not familiar with APICS, the organization provides operations management education, research and professional development. This was the first time I have attended an APICS Conference. I’ve been

Using LinkedIn in a Job Search

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in a job search. You can use it to uncover opportunities. It can help you gain referrals into companies, and it can help you research jobs. Using LinkedIn in your job search is also easy.

Branding With Your Email Address

The first thing a hiring manager will see when you send an email is your name. Few people think about how they are marketing themselves with their name, but there are pitfalls to avoid.

Too Much Information

Should you volunteer information in an interview that will hurt your chances of getting hired? When interviewing, it is important to be honest. Lies and fabrications will doom your chances when they are discovered. At the same time, there is information job seekers volunteer that is

No Worries Man

I’ve got a friend working on a Caribbean island on a large construction project. The island is small and there are few jobs available. Residents are routinely walking on to the job site to ask for work. Their typical approach shows what NOT to