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Trends in the Job Market

We’ve all heard the unemployment rate, and that it will get worse before we start to see some improvement. On a national basis, this is a serious problem. For an individual job seeker, the concern is more personal – landing a single job. No

Job Market Update

Career Builder recently released their 3rd Quarter forecast. It shows some encouraging and discouraging results. The number of companies reporting plans to reduce staffing levels in the next quarter has declined. That’s good news. In the 2nd quarter forecast, 17% of companies planned

Job Market Statistics

Career Builder released their 2nd Quarter job forecast recently. The report showed a slowing in hiring - just as we would expect in our current economic situation. Companies are laying off workers, cutting hours, reducing benefits and freezing hiring. There were a number of positives in

Job Trends released a new tool providing trends for a dozen industries. The tool displays job market data from the job postings on Indeed.

Historic Context of Our Current Recession

There is a fantastic article in the Wall Street Journal, Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe,' comparing our current economic situation to past downturns. The article details several major economic statistics for three time periods, the current situation, the recession of '81-'82 and the Great Depression.

Job Market Trends

I received the CareerBuilder Hiring Forecast for 2009 along with a few other reports from CareerBuilder recently. There are a number of interesting items in the reports, and two in particular that jumped out to me.

Corporate Downsizing

This weekend, it was reported that challenges in the auto industry extend beyond domestic producers.  Porsche is going to shut down production for eight days, Volkswagen is considering a three week shut down and Audi is preparing to announce a temporary shutdown. As the world economy slows, companies

Job Trends has an excellent tool to examining trends in the job market. Indeed is a search engine for jobs. It visits thousands of sites, job boards, company sites and bulletin board sites, and captures information about posted jobs. It then allows a job seeker to search all

Competition for Jobs

The Ladders issued their 3rd Quarter Job Market Trends report this week.  The report has some very interesting data.  In particular, they provide a measure of the number of job seekers for each position. The Ladders focuses on positions with salaries over $100k, so this isn’t a

Job Searches Put on Hold

CareerBuilder recently released their fourth quarter Job Forecast report.  One of the measures they track is the how soon employees expect to change jobs. In the report, it shows individuals are putting their job search on hold.  People that have a job are choosing to stay in