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Proofreading Software: Whitesmoke

As I continue to proofread my third book, Whitesmoke has again proved to be an invaluable resource.  I used Whitesmoke extensively for my second book, Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers, and knew it would help greatly again.  I’m using the 2010 version of Whitesmoke.  The newer version

Proofreading Software: Grammarly

I have been working on my third book.  I’m at the stage where I need to proofread over and over again.  As I did with my last book, I’m turning to automated grammar checkers to help with the process.  They can’t replace a proofreader, but they can

Resume Keyword Lists

The webinar I presented on Wednesday went great. I reviewed the results of the resume benchmarking study I did for APICS, and then took questions. This was the first time I did a live resume assessment.  During the Q&A, I asked attendees to send their resumes so

Resume Benchmarking Webinar – APICS

I am presenting a webinar on July 13th (2PM EDT) with the results of the Resume Benchmarking Survey I conducted for APICS.  The survey looked at nearly 400 resumes of operations management professionals.  These mainly came from supply chain managers, production managers, production planners/schedulers and logistics managers,

APICS Conference

I had a great trip to Las Vegas for the APICS Conference last week.  I had two sessions – one on interviewing and one on resume writing.  Both were based on sections of my books. The interview section covered a number of topics but the core was

Resume Book on Amazon

My book, Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers, is on Amazon.  We had a few problems with the initial setup of the book, but the publisher did a great job getting everything fixed.  You can now buy the book on Amazon: Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers This book

Resume Book Update

We had a slight problem with the storefront selling the book.  We’re working on resolving it.  Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers will be available within the next few days. If you have any questions about the availability, email us at palladian@palladianinternational.com.

APICS Webinar

On Monday, I’m doing a webinar with APICS reviewing different online resources for job seekers.  The focus will be on how to make your job search more effective.  APICS is an organization dedicated to operations management.  I’ve been a member for around 15 years and am currently