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Volunteering to Gain Experience

It’s a challenge to break into a new a career.  Companies want experience when hiring, but you can’t get the experience they want without getting hired first.  This catch-22 is frustrating and difficult to overcome.  For college students, gaining experience is also important.  The job market for college

Trends in the Job Market

We’ve all heard the unemployment rate, and that it will get worse before we start to see some improvement. On a national basis, this is a serious problem. For an individual job seeker, the concern is more personal – landing a single job. No

Finding a New Career

In every recession, some companies and industries decline, never to come back. As painful as this process is, it is a natural component of our economy. Periodically, we clean house and get rid of companies who are not competitive. For the employees of these

Sharpening the Saw

I spent several days last week in a training class. Professional development is important if you want to improve in your career. In today’s economy, it is even more critical. Unemployment continues to increase and job seekers continue to become more frustrated with the

Employment and Unemployment Trends

There’s a lot of talk about the economy and unemployment levels. Depending on who you listen to, you will hear the economy has turned around and is starting to improve or the economy is in a downward spiral and getting much worse. The truth is

Job Market Update

Career Builder recently released their 3rd Quarter forecast. It shows some encouraging and discouraging results. The number of companies reporting plans to reduce staffing levels in the next quarter has declined. That’s good news. In the 2nd quarter forecast, 17% of companies planned

The Job Market for New Graduates

The job market is tough. Experienced and successful professionals are finding it very difficult to land an interview let alone a job. So, what are people with no experience that are just entering the workforce facing?

Supply Chain Career Trends

I added a number of supply chain career trends to the Palladian website this week. The job market has slowed, but some skills have held up better than others. The trends are taken from's job trends, and track the number of job postings that

Job Market Statistics

Career Builder released their 2nd Quarter job forecast recently. The report showed a slowing in hiring - just as we would expect in our current economic situation. Companies are laying off workers, cutting hours, reducing benefits and freezing hiring. There were a number of positives in

Job Trends released a new tool providing trends for a dozen industries. The tool displays job market data from the job postings on Indeed.