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Resume Book on Amazon

My book, Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers, is on Amazon.  We had a few problems with the initial setup of the book, but the publisher did a great job getting everything fixed.  You can now buy the book on Amazon: Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers This book

APICS Webinar

On Monday, I’m doing a webinar with APICS reviewing different online resources for job seekers.  The focus will be on how to make your job search more effective.  APICS is an organization dedicated to operations management.  I’ve been a member for around 15 years and am currently

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is the activity in a company that predicts the level of demand customers will have for a company’s products. This activity usually garners very little attention from outside the company. For most job seekers, demand forecasting is far from their thoughts, and yet,

Sustainability on Your Resume

As a job seeker, there are hundreds of skills, experiences and accomplishments you can discuss on your resume. Sustainability and environmental initiatives are just one category of priorities you can highlight. So, should you market yourself on the cutting edge of sustainable business practices?