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What Makes a Good Interviewer for a Mock Interview?

Mock interviews are practice sessions designed to improve the interview skill of a job seeker.  Like any practice session, an experienced coach will make the practice more valuable. Select an interviewer who is experienced at interviewing with different interview styles.  It isn’t sufficient to have experience with

Should You Record a Mock Interview?

Absolutely.  A mock interview is a practice session allowing a job seeker to improve their interview skills.  Most job seekers cannot imagine how they are perceived by an interviewer.  They know their background inside and out, and their answers make sense.  Unfortunately, the interviewer does not have

How Many Questions Should a Mock Interview Have?

A mock interview can have any number of questions.  Ideally, the mock interview will have a similar number of questions as the real interview the job seeker is preparing for.  The more a job seeker can practice the same experience they will encounter in a real interview

How to Choose Interview Questions for a Mock Interview?

Choosing interview questions is critical when planning for a mock interview. There are thousands of potential questions – so many questions, that a job seeker can never prepare for all of them. This will allow an interviewer to develop a list of questions that will be unexpected

Can a Mock Interview Help a Job Seeker’s Confidence?

Mock interviews are one of the best ways to build confidence before an important interview.  A mock interview simulates the interview experience as much as possible.  This is invaluable in an interview situation, especially if you have a fear of interviews.  Even if you are not intimidated

How to Conduct a Mock Interview

When conducting a mock interview, it is important to recreate the interview experience as much as possible.  This requires research.  It is essential to learn as much about a company’s interview process as possible.  This research will allow the mock interview to be tailored to the upcoming

What is a Mock Interview?

A Mock Interview is a practice interview designed to simulate a real job interview as closely as possible.  Mock interviews are one of the best ways to improve interview skills and prepare for an interview.  The practice gained in a mock interview is invaluable. Mock interviews can

Interview Prep Book Award Finalist

Power Up Your Job Search: A Modern Approach to Interview Preparation, my book teaching interview techniques for job seekers, was named an Award Finalist by USA Book News in the Careers category this week. Since publishing the book back in March, I have heard from numerous