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Consultant Objective Statement

I reviewed a resume that had an objective statement that illustrates several mistakes. The job seeker was an experienced consultant. I can't tell you the exact experience level because their resume didn't have employment dates (a major problem). I would guess the person had close to 10 years of

Editing an Objective Statement

I reviewed the resume of a job seeker yesterday that had a fairly typical objective statement. Here’s how the statement read: To advance toward a <Job Title> role in a large <business type and industry> while developing valuable experience that will be benefit my career advancement. This

How to Assess an Objective

Yesterday, we looked at several of the elements of an objective statement.  First, the length should be one line, possibly two.  Second, the statement should be clear and specific. Tomorrow and Friday, I’m going to provide 50 objective statements.  Each is from a resume I received from