Industries in Demand

National Unemployment and State Unemployment is only one facet of our employment picture.  Each industry faces a slightly different situation and the unemployment characteristics reflect this.

Manufacturing:  5.3% unemployment.  Looking at the data a little closer, unemployment in Petroleum and Coal Products is 0.2%.  Given the price of oil, it’s not surprise that anyone in that industry can find a job as oil companies try to expand production.  Furniture and Fixtures is a different story with 8.5% unemployment.

Unemployment is the health care field is also low, with 1.4% unemployment in hospital professionals.

Beverage and Tobacco production has a 9.7% unemployment rate, and Food Services professions are at 8.6%. 

Finally, the financial industry has an unemployment level of 3.7%.  That sounds great, and it is for many, but a loan officer or mortgage broker will probably find it tough to get a job right now.

Each industry has a different situation, and the situation varies by geography.  Smaller communities are more dependent on a small group of employers.  If one of these runs into trouble, it can hurt the entire community. 

* Statistics from U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics