How to Customize Your Resume For Each Job

It is important to customize your resume for each position you pursue. Every application should be tailored to best present your background. Although most job seekers know this, few understand how to go about it. Fortunately, it’s not that tough once you know what to do.

Cover Letter

Write a new cover letter for each application. The basic form will be the same. The main thing that will change is your explanation why you are interested in the position. So few job seekers customize their cover letters, and almost none include information that clearly shows they did some research. Doing this will make you stand out.

Objective Statement

If you have an objective statement, make sure it matches the opportunity. If it doesn’t match, the odds are that you will be rejected based on this.  A hiring manager doesn’t want to waste time on a job seeker that isn’t interested in the job.


If you have a job description, pull out the three or four most important requirements. Then, make sure you have an accomplishment demonstrating each requirement somewhere in the last two or three jobs you have held.


Look at the key technical skills for the position and detail your experience with each. You don’t need a lot of information on each skill, a few words may be sufficient. The key is showing you possess the skills and creating the interest with the hiring manager to want to learn more in an interview.