Responsible for…

A resume I reviewed today had the following description under the most recent job (a customer service manager):

"Responsible for increasing base business growth through coaching, mentoring, and training initiatives for front-line service providers, and establishing and maintaining relationships with customers. Specific duties include: …"

This listing goes on for another half dozen lines or so listing basic reponsibilities such as "resolving customer complaints" and "utilizing effective written and verbal communications skill."  Needless to say, there was little if anything to get excited about.

The resume was devoid of any statement that this job seeker had ever been successful at anything.  They had been responsible for a lot, but it’s just a guess how they performed.

What do you think a hiring manager will do with this resume?  Most hiring managers will put this in the "discard pile," or at best, the "save for later in case I can’t find anything better pile." 

Now, it wouldn’t take much to improve this – just a little information about whether they were successful.  If you’re in a sales or customer service management role, how do you describe your experience?  What accomplishments do you have on your resume?