The Importance of Self-Confidence in Your Job Search

I’ve worked with many job seekers that lost a job and all their confidence with it. They take a job loss as a definitive statement of their value as a professional. Somehow, they feel that getting fired once more than cancels out every success and achievement they have had in their career.

It should be clear to anyone that being fired does not reverse every success a person has achieved in their career. In speaking with job seekers, virtually all of them will say they understand that a job loss is not the end of their career. Despite this, many act as if they truly believe it.

A loss of self-confidence may be the biggest obstacle to finding a job. Candidates that have little confidence fail to talk about their accomplishments. They also tend to present their limitations much more than other candidates. As you can expect, a candidate that focuses on their limitations and not their accomplishments will rarely win out.

If you can’t get excited about your work experience, you won’t be able to get a hiring manager excited about it. For most people, this is a temporary reaction to losing their job. The key is working through these self-doubts before you interview.

Review your past successes. Focus on the times when you were successful. Work on getting comfortable talking about your successes. This may sound easy, but for many people it can be very difficult. Often, talking with past co-workers can be a huge benefit. They will remember and recognize the successes you have achieved. Getting fired can make a person feel embarrassed and withdraw from their professional relationships. Don’t make this mistake.

Networking is the most effective search strategy.  Withdrawing from relationships makes it impossible to network and will drag out your search.

Some individuals will experience more than just reduced self-confidence. Depression can set in after losing a job. A job loss can be one of the most stressful life events. If you have feel paralyzed with anxiety or despair, talk with a medical professional.