8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

A resume writing service can help develop a resume that gets attention instead one that is overlooked. Despite this, the vast majority of job seekers write their own resume. For some, this is effective, but many struggle. Even more problematic, many job seekers do not know they are sending an inadequate resume. This can prolong a job search, costing the job seeker thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars from missed opportunities.

The primary reason given by job seekers for why they do not hire a resume writer is that they are the expert about their career. As the most knowledge on the subject, they assume they are the best writer for the job. The truth is most job seekers are not very good at writing a resume. The second most common reason job seekers give for not hiring a professional writer is the cost. This can be short sighted as a poor resume that prolongs a job search or yields inferior job offers can be far more costly than the most expensive resume writing services.

A professional resume writer can help you develop a more effective resume. There are eight primary reasons for this:

  1. Professional Resume Writers Know Resumes – A good resume writer will have read thousands, or tens of thousands of resumes in their career. They have seen virtually every conceivable style, format and structure. Most job seekers have only read a few resumes in their careers.

  2. Professional Resume Writers Understand Hiring Managers – The key for a resume to be effective is it must impress hiring managers and lead to interviews. Good resume writers understand what hiring managers look for, and what they don’t want to see.

  3. Professional Resume Writers Don’t Have Emotional Ties – Many job seekers include details in their resume for emotional reasons. A professional resume writer will assess each piece of information objectively. An accomplishment or experience that holds personal significance may not help sell the job seeker. The professional resume writer will help weed out details that that the job seeker feels are important but are unimportant to a hiring manager.

  4. Professional Resume Writers Don’t Know the Full Background – Many job seekers fail to explain details of their experience clearly because they know the full background and situation. A resume needs to be written so a person with no knowledge of the candidate can understand clearly their background in a very short time. Job seekers often find it difficult to describe their experience in clear, simple terms.

  5. Professional Resume Writers are Writing Experts – The vast majority of job seekers claim to be good communicators. The truth is some people are good writers and others aren’t. A good writer can help polish a resume so that it reads clearly and delivers a more compelling message.

  6. It is Very Difficult to Edit Your Own Work– It is much more difficult to edit and proofread your own work. You know what you meant to write and may read your resume as you intended it, not as you actually typed it. Another person can only go by what is on the paper. They don’t know what you intended. No matter how many times you review your resume, another set of eyes can make a huge difference.

  7. Professional Resume Writers Are Faster – Most job seekers spend weeks working on their resume. A professional resume writer will often complete a resume in a few days. This can accelerate your job search.

  8. Professional Resume Writers Will Eliminate the Jargon – Most companies have terminology that is unique. Some terms are used so much within the company, employees assume everyone knows them. A resume writer will quickly identify words that will not be clear to a hiring manager at a different company.

A professional resume writer will help you develop an effective resume and can help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition.