How to Work With a Recruiter

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Monday, May 18, 2009, 12noon PST

How Recruiters Can Accelerate Your Job Search – Recruiters and staffing agencies can be an important resource in your job search.  Unfortunately, most job seekers do understand what they need to do be effective and what they should expect from a recruiter.  Learn how to work with a recruiter and what you can expect from the relationship.  Executive recruiting firm owner Gary Capone will share his experiences and advice.


Recruiters are a great resource for your job search. A recruiter networks and builds relationships in order to find the best person to fill a job.  It is likely there is a recruiter trying to fill a position that you would want right now.

Many job seeker don’t know what to expect when working with a recruiter and there are a number of misconceptions about what a recruiter will do for you.  The first thing to remember is the recruiter works for the company and not you.  Companies hire recruiters to help fill positions – job seekers don’t pay recruiters to be considered for a position.  This means that a recruiter will not help you land a job if you are not a fit for a client.

If you are a fit for a position, a recruiter can put you in front of a hiring manager and help you land an interview.  Recruiters will also help coach your through the hiring process – a recruiter usually doesn’t get paid if the candidate isn’t hired, so they want you to be as successful as you do.

The most important thing to do when working with a recruiter is to be honest.  Let the recruiter know what you want and what you need to accept a n offer.  Let them know about your job search activity, where you have sent your resume, where you have interviewed and changes in your current employment.  A recruiter can’t be effective helping you if they don’t know your exact situation.

If you want to learn more about working with recruiters, join me in a teleclass from Futures In Motion on May 18th at noon pacific, where I will be interviewed about how to work with a recruiter.