Resume Writing Webinar

Next week, I’m going to conduct a webinar on resume writing.  The “Resume Writing Basics” class will be held on Monday July 6th at 11AM EDT.  The session is free and I invite any job seeker interested in writing or improving their resume to attend.

My goal is to start offering a regular series of webinars.  I currently have plans for a Job Interview Basics class and a Job Search Basics Class, and am hoping to schedule these for the week of July 6th.

All three of the planned classes are based on seminars I have taught in the past.  They focus on giving specific advice job seekers can use right now.  I explain why the advice I give works – focusing on the perspective of a hiring manager.  There is a lot of advice out there that sounds good but just doesn’t work in practice.  In these webinars, I’ll show you why some techniques work so you can build an effective job search plan for yourself.

Resume Writing Basics

The “Resume Writing Basics” webinar will focus on teaching how construct an effective resume in this one-hour session.  The class will cover the following topics:

  • The Purpose of a Resume
  • How Hiring Managers Assess Resumes
  • Content:  What to Include in a Resume
  • Choosing the Right Resume Length
  • Choosing the Right Resume Structure
  • How to Stand Out By Including Accomplishments
  • How to Customize a Resume
  • How to Review a Resume 

Each topic will include specific and straight forward instructions along with an explanation for why the techniques are effective.  The webinar starts with the basics and will benefit individuals who have never written a resume, as well as others who need to update an old resume.  Register for Resume Writing Basics

Check back tomorrow for the schedule of the other planned webinars.  I also have several classes planned at address advanced job search topics and will roll those out over the next month.