Book: Resume Objective Statements and Professional Summaries

Resume Objective Statements and Professional SummariesResume Objective Statements and Professional Summaries will show you how to start your resume with an introduction to grab a hiring manager’s attention.  Your resume will become a powerful and impressive sales tool for your job search.  Unlike other books on resumes that provide a chapter or two on objective statements and professional summaries, this book attacks the topic.  Numerous examples are provided, analyzed and improved.  Each step is explained in detail.  You will learn how to create a powerful, impressive and effective introduction that will make an impact and get results.

To have a chance of landing an interview, you must first grab a hiring manager’s attention.  Your resume is a sales document.  It needs to sell your potential from the instant a hiring manager starts reading.  To do this, you need a strong, impressive and effective introduction.  This introduction will create excitement in hiring managers and motivate them to want to learn more.  In other words, you need an introduction that will lead to interviews.

Most job seekers understand how important the start of their resume is, but this is also the part of their resume that they struggle with the most.  The result is typically a weak, uninspiring start that is completely ineffective.

This book offers the solution.  It is entirely focused on Objective Statements and Professional Summaries, the two most common styles of introductions.  Other resume writing books provide a little advice on a wide range of resume writing topics.  They try to answer every question a job seeker might have, but provide limited depth on each topic.  You need to become an expert at creating a powerful and effective introduction.  You need this book, and you need the winning introduction you will learn to write.

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