Can a Mock Interview Help a Job Seeker’s Confidence?

Mock interviews are one of the best ways to build confidence before an important interview.  A mock interview simulates the interview experience as much as possible.  This is invaluable in an interview situation, especially if you have a fear of interviews.  Even if you are not intimidated in an interview, one question you don’t expect can doom an interview.

We’ve all been there.  You’re in an interview, and a question blindsides you.  You freeze, and then come up with the best answer you can.  You know it’s a lousy answer, but it was the best you could think of at the time.  That single answer may hurt the impression you make in the interview, but you are not doomed.  Candidates are rarely rejected because of one answer.  Unfortunately, most job seekers can’t shake the bad answer, and follow it up with a series of bad answers.  The result is a terrible interview, and a rejection.

A mock interview will help you avoid this pitfall.  You can practice being in this situation – a situation where you fail dismally at answering a question – and work on how you will continue the interview and recover.  With this practice, you will perform much better in a real interview.

The reality is that your confidence is a huge factor in an interview.  You need to be confident in your abilities, experiences, accomplishments, and most importantly, your ability to communicate.  Without confidence, your experience and abilities will not appear as strong.  If you aren’t confident about yourself in an interview, you are going to have a tough time trying to make the hiring manager confident in you.

Confidence is tough in a job search, especially if you are out of work.  Being fired or laid off causes many job seekers to question their abilities.  They lose confidence, and this shows in their interviews.

Often, the solution is a mock interview, where the job seeker has a chance to practice telling their story.  By reviewing and practicing the interview, the job seeker gets a chance to focus on their selling points and accomplishments.  This can remind some candidates of how valuable they were, and focus them on the value they will offer.  Then in an interview, the job seeker can communicate that value and make a strong impression.  This all starts with practice and mock interviews.