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Consultant Objective Statement

I reviewed a resume that had an objective statement that illustrates several mistakes. The job seeker was an experienced consultant. I can't tell you the exact experience level because their resume didn't have employment dates (a major problem). I would guess the person had close to 10 years of

How to Update Your Resume

It’s been a few years and you’ve decided to brush off your resume and start looking… what now?Many job seekers will simply tack on their current job and send it out.  The problem with this is that your old resume might not be the best sales pitch

Falsifying Education

A resume of very strong manufacturing job seeker came to my attention recently.  The candidate looked great, but I didn’t recognize the school they attended.  I’m not an expert on every school out there, so I use several research tools.  In a few minutes, it was clear

CEO Resume Evaluation

I received a resume recently of an individual that founded and managed a business for the last seven years. The resume illustrated several problems. First, the job seeker listed their title as "Chairman, CEO, President and COO." Listing four concurrent titles that say the same thing is