Hobbies on a Resume

I do not like to see personal information on a resume. I always wonder whether the job seeker ran out of professional information to put on their resume. Space is limited and anything you put on your resume is prioritized over everything else. So, family information, hobbies and volunteer work should not displace details that are directly related to the position you are seeking.

Now, having said that, here’s the last line of a resume I received:

Hobbies: Drag Racing, Camping, Dirt Bike Riding and Woodworking

If you’re thinking that I probably hate this – you’re wrong. This is one of the few situations where this is actually a positive on the resume – and it not because I like any of these hobbies.

The reason these hobbies are a good thing on the resume is because they relate very directly to the experience and goals of the job seeker. This individual has more than 20 years of experience with auto parts, auto repair and auto racing. Moreover, there objective is to work in an automotive repair service department.

With this background and objective, the Drag Racing and Dirt Bike experience become significant. The woodworking doesn’t hurt, but isn’t as significant.

Now, including Camping is a waste of space, but given that it’s only one word, I can live with it.