Your Accomplishments

Have you ever struggled to think of accomplishments to put on a resume or on your annual self-review? It’s a terrible feeling not be able to recall anything that shows you were successful. Most, if not all of us, have run into this.

In our 2008 Resume Benchmarking Survey, we found that a quarter of job seekers do not list any accomplishments on their resume, and only 40% listed three or more accomplishments for each position they held. Of the resumes that have accomplishments, many were poorly written or incomplete. This offers you an opportunity to stand out from your competition by having strong, well written accomplishments on your resume.

The problem isn’t that there are tons of people that have never accomplished anything. It’s that they don’t track their accomplishments, they can’t remember them later and they don’t recognize accomplishments at the time they have them.

What is an Accomplishment

Accomplishments are activities that demonstrate your skill, performance, aptitude or potential. They can be isolated events or a pattern of activity over time. What they don’t need to be is something that is earth shattering.

Check back tomorrow for a look at how to Recognize Your Accomplishments.