More About Fake Degrees

I’ve written before about lying on a resume in the past, but today was reminded how some companies aggressively try to tempt job seekers to the dark side. 

There are companies that sell “degrees” to anyone that will write a check. Most of these organizations try to stay under the radar.  What they do is fraudulent.  A number of states have prosecuted diploma mills and some are prosecuting job seekers that use fake degrees to get a job.

Today, I received a spam message that offered me a degree without classes, tests, exams, or books.  Additionally, no qualifications are required.  Below is the spam.  I left misspelled words and typos as they appeared in the original message, but I removed the phone numbers.

No Exams/Books/Tests/Interview/classes
100% No Pre-School qualification required!

Inside USA:
0utsidee USA:

Bacheelor, Degree, M???steerMB/-\, Ph[)D (non accredited) availablee in the Field of yourr choice so you can
even become a doctoor and receive All the benefits That comes with it!

Ple???se leave be|???w 3 Info in Voic???mail:

1) Your name
2) Your co???ntry
3) Your phone no. [please include Country code]

Call Now!! 24-hours a day, 7-Days a Weekk waiting For your call

Inside USA:
0utside USA:

Our Staff wilI get back to You in 1-3 working days

As the economy slows and more people are unemployed for longer time periods, it may become tempting to buy a degree.  This is fraud.  Companies continue to get better at identifying job seekers that are deceptive.  It’s very easy to check this stuff out.  Go to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and search their database.  This is the organization in the US that accredits the accrediting bodies in the US. 

If a school isn’t in this database, you should research it much closer.  There are states that have criminalized the use of degrees from schools that are not properly accredited. Remember to check the accrediting body.  Many of the fake schools say that they are accredited by fake accrediting bodies. 

Fortunately, identifying fake degrees is getting easier.  None of us want to go put our lives in the hands of a doctor that received a mail order degree without ever taking a class.