Job Search Webinar Schedule

Next week, I am presenting three webinars, Resume Writing Basics, Job Interview Basics, and Job Search Basics.  I taught these three classes online for the first time a couple weeks ago and the response was great.

This will be the last time I offer the basics series of webinars for free. I have been testing the software and getting comfortable presenting online.  Although I’ve presented these topics in person a number times in seminars, I wanted to practice the online presentation a few times and get some feedback on the presentations.  The feedback was great and very helpful, and I’m doing one last set of free sessions.  Next week will be the the last opportunity you will have to attend the sessions for free –  so sign up today!

The schedule for next week is:

  • Resume Writing Basics – Monday July 27, 11AM EDT
  • Job Interview Basics – Wednesday July 29, 11AM EDT
  • Job Search Basics – Friday July 31, 11AM EDT 

The three webinars form our Basics series.  We are designing Advanced courses on each of these topics.  Our goal is to complete the Resume Writing Advanced Series within the next couple weeks.  This series will start with the Resume Writing Basics course and includes six other webinars on advanced resume writing topics.  Check out the Resume Writing Advanced Series of Webinars.

If the days and times above don’t fit your schedule, check our Career Advice Webinars page for announcements of upcoming events.  You can also register for a special mailing list to receive emails announcing each class.  We plan on presenting webinars during the week with both daytime and evening sessions and are planning a Saturday series offering several webinars back-to-back.

Update:  I know do webinars for APICS.  Check out APICS to learn about the webinars, whitepapers and other career resources available to members.