The Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job is a goal we all have. Many people find great jobs, that are rewarding and enjoyable, but perfection is elusive. There’s a simple reason for this. For almost every job, there’s a reason employers pay people to do the work. If an employer didn’t pay anything, they wouldn’t be able to persuade anyone to take the position.

There is an exception available right now. A job that most people would pay to do. The job is to live on the beach at resort for six months. The “work” required includes:

  • Going to the beach
  • Visiting a luxury spa
  • Snorkelling
  • Swiming in the pool
  • Touring the island by plane
  • Hiking the island
  • Sailing
  • Taking lots of photos
  • Sharing your trip by writing on blog

Does this sound like difficult, stressful, tedious work? How much would you need to be paid to do this? The salary for this position is AUD$150,000 for six months work… Australian dollars since the position is in Australia on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Accommodations are provided.

The downside of the position is the duration – it’s only a six month contract, then you have to go home.

My first reaction to hearing about this was to think that it had to be a joke. It isn’t. The job is being offered by the Tourism Queensland. An important component of the job is to write a weekly blog showing the range of activities and your overall impression of the location. The person that gets the job will help promote the resort by showing the world how perfect being there is.

The deadline to apply is February 22nd.  Now, get working on your application (you need to submit a video), and good luck.