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Preparing for a Production Worker Interview

This year, we have watched the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs. The job market in manufacturing is tough, but it is far from being a lost cause. Manufacturing firms need to maintain certain staffing levels to meet production requirements. For a

No Worries Man

I’ve got a friend working on a Caribbean island on a large construction project. The island is small and there are few jobs available. Residents are routinely walking on to the job site to ask for work. Their typical approach shows what NOT to

When to Arrive at an Interview

When going to a face to face interview, many job seekers wonder when the best time to arrive is. Should you get there exactly when the interview is scheduled? Should you arrive early, and if so, how early? Will you kill your chance of

Interviewing with a Former Boss or Coworker

If you network well, there’s a good chance you will eventually interview with a former boss or coworker. This can feel awkward. The interviewer has firsthand knowledge of many of the experiences and accomplishments from your background. They also know about your failures and

New Job Interview Prep Webinar

On Wednesday, I’m going to conduct a webinar teaching job interview techniques. The “Job Interview Basics” class will be held on Wednesday July 8th at 11AM EDT. The session is free and I invite any job seeker interested in improving their interview skills to attend.