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Resume Tip: Listing awards received on a resume is a good idea if they demonstrate a skill or accomplishment that relates to the job.

Resume Tip #12

Resume Tip: Other candidates applying for the same position will have a similar background to you. Set yourself apart with specific accomplishments.

Resume Accomplishment: Saved Less Than 1%

I read a resume today with an accomplishment that stood out. The accomplishment stated the job seeker had saved $60k in the last year on a $14 million budget. This works out to 0.4% of the budget – a very small amount. Despite this, the accomplishment was

Resume Tip #10

Resume Tip: Include on your resume training classes that directly relate to the core skills and activities of the job you are pursuing.

Functional Resume Example

I read a functional resume today that illustrated clearly why most people should avoid this resume structure. Functional resumes organize information according to the skills or experiences of the job seeker, not the individual jobs. This resume type can be effective for some individuals, but most people

Choosing a Font for Your Resume

Everyone wants their resume to look good. The font your choose can have a big affect on the presentation of your resume. Some fonts look great on a computer screen. Others look better in print. There are also fonts that look unprofessional no matter how they are