How to Recognize Accomplishment

The first step in recognizing your accomplishments. To do this, you need to know the expectations of your position. Meeting or Exceeding an expectation is an accomplishment, as is providing a contribution outside your area of responsibility.

Meeting Expectations

The first step in remembering your accomplishments is reviewing the expectations of your job. What were you expected to do on a daily basis? Did you meet these expectations on a consistent basis? Consistency is an accomplishment often overlooked. In sports, we see a lot of accomplishments that receive incredible respect that illustrate consistent performance, even if the performance in isolation isn’t impressive. For example, consecutive games started is a stat that is often highlighted. Starting a game isn’t unusual and only becomes impressive when it is done over time on a consistent basis. Have you met an expectation consistently over time?

Exceeding Expectations

Have you exceeded expectations? Review the times when you beat your goals. These could be budget goals, time to completion for projects or simply performing better than you peers on a metric. This is easier in organizations that track metrics closely.

Unusual Responsibilities

What have you done outside your normal responsibilities? It common for companies to develop special committees or project teams to address issues. Any results that come from your activities outside your normal responsibilities should be reviewed.

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