Record a Mock Interview

One of the most effective ways to prepare for a job interview is to complete a few mock interviews.  A mock interview simulates a real interview.  To maximize your improvement, record the mock interview and review it.

Improving your ability to react to a completely unexpected question is the most difficult aspect of interview preparation.  If you get blindsided it can disrupt your performance throughout the rest of the interview.  When you are preparing to interview, you can’t surprise yourself.  The questions that will be the most disruptive are the ones that you have not considered.

To prepare for the unexpected, you need an interviewer to interview you.  Completing two of three mock interviews can make a dramatic difference in your performance.  You can also gain the insight of the interviewer after the interview.  It is very rare for a hiring manager to give a candidate specific feedback to help them improve their interviewing.  A mock interview is different.  Feedback and constructive advice are integral elements in a mock interview.

When I work with a job seeker to improve their interview skills, I offer the option of recording the mock interviews.  Surprisingly, many job seekers turn down this option.  They don’t want to hear themselves in an interview.  Many job seekers have a fear of interviewing.  The anxiety can be overwhelming, and the idea of reliving the experience through a recording is terrifying.  Unfortunately, avoiding mock interviews will not improve the situation.

If you want to gain an edge over your competition, commit to improving your interview skills and practice interviewing.