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Job Search Webinar Schedule

Next week, I am presenting three webinars, Resume Writing Basics, Job Interview Basics, and Job Search Basics. I taught these three classes online for the first time a couple weeks ago and the response was great.

How Do Hiring Managers Decide Who to Hire?

You applied for a job, landed an interview and got invited back for a final interview. At every step, you felt great about the job, company and people. The interviewers were extremely complimentary of you throughout the process. Everything looked great. Then, you get the call that

Body Language in an Interview

How you present yourself in an interview can influence the overall impressive you make on an interviewer. Some studies have said the words we use only account for 10% of the information communicated.

Ordinary vs Exceptional

For almost every career, there are numerous candidates available for each position. Only one will get hired for each job, though. When five, ten or more people, with similar backgrounds apply for a job, there are a number of factors that affect who gets the offer. The

Interviewing for Sales Positions

A sales interview will typically focus on your sales experience and performance. Sales is a field where performance is measured closely at most companies. If you want to land the job, you will need to create a picture of how you will perform within the mind of

What Have You Created?

For many job seekers encounter, developing a good list of accomplishments to include on their resume and to discuss in an interview is a challenge. Listing accomplishments sounds like an easy task – just write about your successes. Despite this, it often proves to be very difficult.


Thursday night, I watch “The Real Superhumans and the Quest for the Future Fantastic” on the Science Channel. The show profiled individuals with abilities that are incredible and verge on superpowers. It was very interesting. When the show started, several of the people profiled in the show