PalladianCR’s 200th Post

This is my 200th post since starting the blog.  I appreciate the advice and encouragement from a number of readers that have contacted me over the last nine months.  The blog continues to grow.  We get between 50 and 100 visitors a day now, and have over 90 people signed up for the RSS feed or our newsletter.  I'm excited about the continued growth.

I have been making changes to the blog, some of which you may have noticed.  I formed an agreement with Randy Glasbergen so that we can include his cartons on the blog, and have also started incorporating more graphics and images with the articles.  I am working with a few people that that expressed an interest in writing for the blog and look forward to including their guest posts.  I am going to continue to provide a combination of advice articles and real world examples from resumes and interviews.

Wednesday, I submitted to the printer the final draft of a book we have been writing over the last six months.  It should be available for purchase within a few weeks.  With that project nearly complete, I hope to begin producing videos for the blog again. 

Thank you for continuing to read the blog, and let me know if there are ever any changes or improvements you would like to see.

Gary W. Capone